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Sungzu 2500W Portable Power Station, SKA2500 LiFePO4 Batteries, CE RoHS FCC certificates, AC DC

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Product Introduction

Sungzu 2500W Portable Power Station, SKA2500 LiFePO4 Batteries, CE RoHS FCC certificates, AC DC

SKA2500 is the most safety design power station generator. It adopts long service life LiFePO4
batteries which can be used over 6000 cycle times. With 5MM high strong aluminum alloy shells, it is
anti-crush design. Except, it has unique design with trolley and wheels. Even one person can move it
easily. With 500watt fast solar charging and 300watt max AC home charging, to fully charge internal
2515Wh capacity, it can shorten the charging time to be around 6 hours. With unique air switch, user
can switch the frequency 50Hz to 60Hz freely to meet different areas requirement. Its safety and reliability have been approved by our R&D team long time testing.

SKA2500 has CE, RoHS, FCC certificates. It brings user’s safety and comfortable
experience with its unique features. SKA2500 is equipped with triple AC 2000W output with more versatile ports like Cigarette lighter
120 watt, USB 5V, DC 12V output. It can meet 90% home appliances and electric tools. It can even
charge A electric car. Teaming with solar panels, the power generator can start the MPPT function and detect the best voltage
of panels to charge.  It is a good power helper against any disaster and power failure.

Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4)
Material: Aluminum alloy body + trolley + wheels
USB1-3 output:5V/3A Max
DC1-3 output:12V/10A Max
Cigarette lighter output: 120W max
Triple AC output: 220V or 110V 50Hz/60Hz
Load power:2000W (surge power 4000W for less than 3 seconds)
Wave form: Pure Sine Wave
Input:45V-80V (AC adapter: 300W max; solar panel: 500W max)
Battery capacity:2515 Wh (786000mAh)
Charging time:9 H (used provided AC adapter to charge from home electricity)
Color: Gray
Battery service life over 6000 times
Working temperature: -10℃~50℃
Working humidity: ≦95%
Altitude: below 2000M
Multiple Protections: short circuit protection, over-charge protection, overheat protection, over-discharge
protection, over-voltage protection

USB1 output×3: 5V/3A
DC 5521 output×2: 12V/10A (MAX) DC cigarette lighter output: 12V/10A
AC output×3: 220V/110V 2000W/50Hz or 60Hz switchable (pure sine wave) Peak value: 4000W
Input voltage: 48V-80V 500W max;
Input current: 6.25A (MAX)
Cell capacity: 38.4V 65.5Ah / 2515Wh (48 cells 4P×12S)
Charging time: 5-8 hours
Static power consumption: ≤200uA
Cycle life: 6000 times
Working temperature: -10℃~50℃
Volume: 595*375*220mm
Weight: 30.5 kg

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